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by edward potts

Jesus, my Redeemer, hung from a tree,
My Provider, my Protector, Savour is He,
My Physician, my Healer for all my ills,
My Holy Spirit, my Life He does fill.

My Babe from a manger, a Carpenters Son,
My Christ from the Cross, the Holy One,
The Man from Galilee. raised from a tomb,
My Lamb that was slain, Visitor to an upper room.

Alpha, Omega, the Beginning, the End,
The Everlasting Eternity, He gave us heaven to spend,
My Keeper, my Shephard, my Staff is He,
My Creator, Jehovah, from whom Satan does flee.

The Bridegroom also the Door for the Sheep.
A Nazarene, Messiah, He guards my sleep,
The Bread of Life, and the True Vine,
The Rose of Sharon, I know He is mine.

The Rock of all Ages, my Fortress is He,
The Bright Morning Star shines for you and me,
My Refugee from the storms that life brings to be,
My Brother, my Friend, from Gethsemane.

The Lily of the Valley, beautiful is He,
King of the Jews, yet gave His life for me,
The Word made flesh, the guide He gave,
The Wisdom of God, a world He did save,

The First and the Last, Evermore to be,
The Root of David. nailed to a tree,
The Way, the Truth, the Life, sets us
His name JESUS earns praises from me.

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