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At Jesus' Feet

by Alan Annis © 2010

Grammie, you walked this life
Straight and narrow as you could
Lived your life for Jesus
Stayed true and right and good
Though I will miss you dearly
Rest assured again we'll meet
Gathered at the East Gate
Then we'll sit at Jesus' feet.

While I sit here, bereaved
You are in a perfect place
Safe in our Father's love
Held in Jesus' sweet embrace
And even through these tears
My faith in Christ's complete
I know without one doubt
That you sit at Jesus' feet.

Now that you've left this world
Oh, what wonders you must see
Strolling down those streets of gold
Hand in hand with family
No sorrow no more pain
No more loss, and no defeat
Praise the one true God, and
Wait for me at Jesus' feet...

In loving memory of Vivian M. Annis
02-24-1915 - 09-10-2010
See you soon, Grammie ...

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