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An Unearthly Vision

by Brenda Sydnor © 2006

I awakened from a dream one night
to find myself transposed to an unearthly location.
The light shimmered on the pavement like gold.
The air crackled with exhilaration!
As I looked I saw a profusion of flowers.
They were scattered everywhere.
The gentle breeze picked up the fragrance
and delicately sweetened the air.
There were birds of all hues and colors.
The varieties too many to tell.
The melodious sound of their warbling,
brought to mind the tinkling of morning's first bell.
And then I glanced up and saw them.
They were standing all over the place.
My loved ones who had gone on before me,
with brilliant smiles illuminating each face.
As I watched they were waving at me,
and joyfully calling my name.
They appeared to be cheering me on.
How I wish that I could have remained!

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