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The other side

by edward potts

I'll be home in glory when I reach the other side,
I'll see my savour's face and in His love abide,
I'll be walking on the water for my time on earth is o'er,
I'll be looking for my loved ones when I reach the other shore.

I'll be singing songs of praise around the great white throne,
I'll hear my heavenly Father call me one of His own,
The pearly gates will open and His arms outstretched and wide,
I'll walk those streets of gold when I reach the other side.

The angels are gathering to come and take me home,
This life is over and I never more will roam,
The saints will be waiting in the glistening robes of white,
And I see the lamb that was slain for He is heaven's light.

I hope you are ready when the call comes someday,
I tried to show you gently how God made a way,
I know you know the story of how our savour die,
So I'll be watching for you when I reach the other side.

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