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by edward potts

A star led the three wisemen to where Jesus lay,
A cloud led Israel as the fled along the way,
A flame of fire at night helped them to see,
Their way across the wilderness and to the Red Sea.

God made a promise to Israel and it reminds us in His love abide,
As we travel through our wildernesses with Jesus at our side,
As long as we travel on the path He trod,
We'll reach the land of milk and honey in the presence of God.

We don't need a cloud to light us on our way,
Remember the fire left Israel when they went astray,
God gave you and I a man upon a cross,
If we but follow Him we'll not be in a wilderness lost.

The children of Israel for forty years in a wilderness stayed,
Because they didn't believe God's word must really be obeyed,
His commandments are really easy, we should obey with delight,
To love one another is our cloud by day and our fire by night.

Others will see what you and I stand for,
They will follow us as the wisemen followed a star,
It doesn't seem like much for us to do you see,
But be a flame and cloud for others and God has a crown for thee.

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