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by edward potts

Good morning, Lord, it's going to be a beautiful day,
Every thing is wonderful as we go along your way,
Good morning, Lord, I know nothing can go wrong,
I'll be happy all the time and I will sing a song.

The birds are singing their praise of you,
While the trees are lifting their limbs as we need to do,
The flowers are blooming, and the grass is really green,
It's a magnificent day, the best I've ever seen.

The people passing me are happy I know,
They are smiling and whistling as on their way they go,
There's something in the breeze, it's movement I feel,
It makes my heart beat faster, and I stop real still.

Lord it's great what a greeting to you can do,
It helps us in our journey as we travel along to you,
It doesn't cost much or make us travel slow,
So good morning, Lord, It'll be a great day, I know.

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