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-The Ark of Faith-

by Bryan Miles

Hope and faith go hand in hand
When waters cover all the land
When things don't look the way they should
You're floating on much more then wood
Though storms may toss and turn about
And plummet you with waves of doubt
Ahead you see just sunny skies
When peering through your Father's eyes

The seas ahead seem endless and vast
Not catching what your nets have cast
But a wealth of fish are bursting through
When His horizon is in your view
You rest a while when the waters calm
But all the while you're in His palm
Trusting in Him at His word
When suddenly you see a bird

Not just any bird, but a pure white dove
A reminder of your Father's love
In his beak, an olive branch
Blessing you in your circumstance
Your hope and faith rewarded friend
Your trials coming to an end
The sun breaks through the skies of dark
With Jesus with you on the ark

So go ahead, climb on board
Your only hope is in the Lord
When things around you fall apart
Let His words saturate your heart
Then wait on Him with faith and trust
Though skies rip open and waters bust
A colorful rainbow lies just ahead
God's life giving promise is never dead....

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