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-Thoughts of Old- (Talking To God)

by Bryan Miles

The winds blow cold and the leaves fall away
Barren branches dance and play
Against a gray and cloudy sky
Wondering what age am I
You fill my life with a puddled bath
And cause my heart and soul to laugh
Reflection at times is a lonely place
When staring at my wrinkled face

When You read the stories about my life
They won't be smooth like a butter knife
I didn't follow anyone's script
And many pages have been ripped
But nothing is hidden from Your sight
Each one of us stand before Your light
I didn't deserve a thing from You
Even when skies were clear and blue

The rain in drizzles showers my hair
Seated in my rocking chair
Watching leaves fall one by one
So thankful that I have Your Son
I sit in thought weak and frail
But I know Your love will never fail
You loved me before, though just a fool
When I must have broken every rule
Many things I learned in youth
Which brought me to Your words of truth

The winds blow cold, and the leaves die off
Sticking in my throat like a pirate's cough
But I still put my trust in You
There's nothing that old age can do
To take me away from how much You care
So as I silently say a prayer
I close my eyes and bow my head
Sometimes I fall asleep instead
But I rest assured that no matter the age
Your forgiveness and love fill every page....

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