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God is Evermore

by edward potts

God is peace, God is rest,
He is happiness, in-Him we are blest,
He is righteous, He's our all in all,
He is mercy, He forgives when we fall.

God is everywhere, He's in the earth,
He gives us life, He was present at our birth,
He never forgets, yet destroys our sins,
He's present a death, He with us to the end.

His hands are strong, yet soft as can be,
He will never hurt us, He lets us be free,
His eyes are open, and sees every step,
His Angels surround us, how safely we're kept.

He carries our burdens, lightens our load,
Makes mountains level as we travel our road,
His word is eternal, His promises are true,
He gave His Son for me and for you.

Are you asking me, "Who is God"?
He is the One who up Calvary trod,
He paid a price I could never pay,
So I worship and praise Him as I travel His way.

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