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-When You're Around-

by Bryan Miles

Like a little toddler in overalls
Enjoying the rain as it dances and falls
In Your presence I go back in years
My father wiping away my tears
There can be sun on a rainy day
Love simply chases the clouds away
Soaked like a sponge from head to toe
Your waters make the flowers grow
Your spirit never leaves my side
Your rainbow like a water slide
Assures me You are always there
Child at play, or man in prayer
Wrinkled soul with eyes of youth
Our bodies age, but not Your truth

I remember climbing on a box
Kicking off my shoes, and my dirty socks
Eagerly peering through the window's glass
My daddy was at home at last
He would pick me up, and spin me 'round
There was nothing like my father's sound
And there's nothing like the sound of You
No matter the storm, tried and true
The lightning strikes; the thunder booms
In my Father's house there are many rooms
And You've prepared a place for me
With eyes of faith the righteous see
Not the dark gray skies that the trials send
But a pot of gold at the rainbow's end

When You're around I've no need to fear
I enjoy myself till the skies are clear
An umbrella of protection covers my head
Safe and secure, tucked in bed
In Your faithfulness on a pillow of peace
Knowing what to expect when the downpours cease
There is nothing like my Father's face
I can see Your glory all over the place
Just like I saw from my window's view
My heart is focused, just on You
Here comes my Daddy almost at the door
And I'm the one He's come here for
The rains may drench, turn the earth to mud
But the only thing that my Father will flood
Is my yearning heart as I wait on Him
No need to struggle, fight, or swim
I see Your promise in the rainbow's band
As I marvel at my Father's hand.....

This poem was a finalist in the July 2015 poetry contest

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