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My Father's Advice

by Bryan Miles

Tell me what you'd like, that's okay
Then I'll take it to my Father and pray
He created this world after all
And pride always comes before a fall
Think you know it all, well I know I don't
Believe what you say? I just can't, I won't!
I did that before, and I fell on my face
Found myself in need, of His mercy and grace
The path that I followed only led me astray
So I just won't do it! No how, no way!

I have what I need to guide me along
His written word of right and wrong
It doesn't deceive or sugar coat
It doesn't cram things down your throat
It simply delivers His truth to my heart
And somehow touches every part
Every part of my being, from head to toe
My Father gives advice to grow
To grow me into a righteous man
You can't change me, or change His plan

My honest response; my friend, to you
There's nothing you can say or do
That I won't take to my Father first
I'd rather be blessed, then unwisely cursed
If what you say isn't in His word
Then I won't listen to the things I've heard
I have to hear it straight from Him
Drown in deceit, or in waters swim
A magician has things up his sleeve
To make the foolish man believe
But reality paints a different slice
So I'll rest assured, in my Father's advice....

Bryan Miles 08-05-15
All Rights Reserved

This poem was a finalist in the August 2015 poetry contest

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