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-Behind a Tree-

by Bryan Miles

Behind a tree I hide from You
So ashamed of the things I do
Don't want You to see me, or call my name
Head hanging down to the ground in shame
Staring at my feet, and wondering why
These very same feet appear to fly
Fly into trouble, and soak it in
The sticky fingered grip of sin
Chocolate chips all over my face
Cookie jar hands need Hands of grace
This broken man, this little boy
Bigger sin, bigger toy
Wayward kites get caught in trees
Disobedient men fall to their knees
To their knees, in sorrowful prayer
Wherever we go, You are there

Behind a tree I hide from You
Wrinkled hand, tiny shoe
Knowing what I did was wrong
In the corner's where I belong
Thinking about the things I did
Bigger man, bigger kid
Behind a tree, that's much too small
My Father's eyes can see it all
Here I am Lord, behind a trunk
With piles, and piles, and piles of junk
Garbage from the past, and some brand new
Trying to hide away from You
Wayward boy caught behind a tree
With all my sins staring back at me
It took a while, but I realized
God doesn't cut me down to size
Forgiveness lies on another tree
Where Jesus died for you and me....

Bryan Miles c. 08-17-15
All Rights Reserved

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