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-The Sparrow-

by Bryan Miles

Just like any other day
The sparrow left its nest
Searching for food
Every day, on a quest
Seven hungry mouths
Always waking that way
The sun rises early
The start of each day

The sparrow tucks them in
Then flies off alone
But even the sparrow
Is not on its own
A mom on a mission
Taking a chance
Leaving her home
Of straw, on a branch

Not very long after
Well, wouldn't you know?
Satan appears
In the form of a crow
Enormous and black
A powerful beak
Satan is strong
The sparrow is weak

He dove at the sparrow
He screeched and he cawed
His wingspan was huge
He scratched and he clawed
He swept in for breakfast
But God intervened
Tangling him in branches
Caught in between

His legs, turned and twisted
His feathers flying south
Take heed to this story
When you're down in the mouth
God cares for the sparrow
There's no reason to fear
God's always aware
When the devil is near

He takes care of the sparrow
He provides for the nest
God always watches over
And this is what's best
Though evil abounds
Spreading all of its germs
The sparrow flew home
With seven fresh worms....

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