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The Gift

by Clinton Herring

I stood before the throne of God
as one whose frame was made of sod.

Condemned and filled with guilt of sin,
Yes, found in death, no life within.

For whom am I but work of hand,
made from ground and dust and sand.

And who am I to grieve Him so,
this God, this one who made me glow.

For on this frame did He impress
His image, life and nothing less!

Yet born in death by Adam's sin
To my regret, to my chagrin,

I too rebelled and walked away,
enticed by lust and evil sway.

And death is what was His decree
for every soul who sins, like me.

Condemned to face forever wrath
From God, creator, power hath.

And lost to God forever now,
but wait! His love the answer, how?!

He sent His Son to die for me
to take my place and set me free.

And yes, He came and paid the price
to break death's grip and crushing vise.

So see Him there, He on that cross,
without His death my soul was lost!

How can it be this God so free
would come to earth and bow His knee?!

This Living Word, this face of God,
to save my life, one made of sod?

What hope have I apart from Him
whose love spans rifts of darkness dim?

I bowed my knees with tears of shame
and asked forgiveness from death and pain.

Then quick was He to comfort bring,
new heart and life and words to sing!

And shower me with treasures more,
eternal life from His great store!

So now I have the words of Life
to end your grief and daily strife.

Accept this gift and grace of love
from Spirit, Son and God above.

This poem was a finalist in the October 2017 poetry contest

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