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Make Me Over to the Extreme

by Kathleen Higham

Plead, plead, plead
Cry, cry, cry
More, more, more
In need, I sigh,

Oh Lord, fix me first
Then my little abode
Help, help, help
Lift this heavy load.

Give, give, give
Take, take, take
Now, now, now
I ask, remake.

Oh Lord, fix me first
Then shut my lips
Stop, stop, stop
End these hurtful quips.

Trust, trust, trust
Wait, wait, wait
Seek, seek, seek
God tend to my fate.

Oh Lord, fix me first
Sorry as I can be
Selfish, selfish, selfish
Took hold of me.

Wish, wish, wish
Dream, dream, dream
Fix, fix, fix
Make me over to extreme!

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