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Life is an Amazing Journey

by Kathleen Higham

The closer I get in my journey
The slower seems my walk
But my spirit runs in earnest
Even if my heart should balk.

Moving toward the moment
Where time has paved the way
As memories push me onward
To this most inevitable day.

The closer I get in my journey
The less I need to speak
For words once meaningful
Left behind for others to seek.

Moving toward the moment
For what mattered, now does not
Now time has spun the dial
No victory for battles fought.

The closer I get in my journey
On my knees I may crawl
But listening, always listening
To hear the Father's call.

Moving toward the moment
Feel the touch of my friend
He picks me up and carries me
To the place of my journey's end.

Life is an amazing journey. The beginning is fast and furious. The middle may be meticulous and curious, but the end slow and serious. Life is an amazing journey. But, the most amazing journey of all is the one that lacks remorse; a journey of love and forgiveness for the one who altered the course. Life is an amazing journey!

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