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by Lisa Jurney © 2003

There was a star that shown down on a sweet gentle babe
He came into the world with the purpose to save

If not for the obedience of his mother and father
That babe would have been found and led to the slaughter.

He grew up so strong and so bold
Wanting to obey an do as he was told

He became a carpenter
He followed in the footsteps of his father.

When the day came for him to do his Father's will
He obeyed and started up the hill

He know what the end and the outcome would be
The torture and the beatings suffered by He.

He was silent from beginning to end
He gave up his spirit and then

He rose again on the third day
Conquered death and the evil one's way

He willingly obeyed and did his Father's will
So that you and I can be with Him still.

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