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A Crumb Story

by Richard Gunther

One day, an itty-bitty ant,
With one crumb for a load,

Stopped nervously and looked across...
a very busy road.

The ant said: "I MUST take this FOOD,
To FEED my lovely WIFE"

"But if I cross this BUSY ROAD,
I may just LOSE MY LIFE

A passing frog from came by to see
What made the ant so blue,

Climb on my HEAD! The green frog said
"And I will help you through"

A DUCK will orange feet flew down,
Whose name was simply Jack,

"I'll help you cross this road" Said he,
"Just climb up on my back"

And then a DOG, with shaggy coat,
Sat down and watched the three,

"You'd get there quicker, " said the dog,
"If you all RODE ON ME"

The ant, the frog, the duck and dog,
Were balanced in a pile...

And then a COW came walking by,
And she just had to smile.

"Climb up on me," the cow said.. "PLEASE!
I'd like to HELP somehow."

So ant, and frog, and duck, and dog,
All climbed up on the cow.

And just as they prepared to go,
Up came a great big HORSE!

"I'll help you cross this road" Said he,
"And there's NO CHARGE of course"

So all the animals climbed up,
And off they went clip clop

And as they crossed the busy road,
The traffic HAD TO STOP!

The trucks and cars slammed on their brakes,
And every wheel stopped rolling,

As right across the road the horse,
Went nonchalantly strolling.

Reporters from the city came,
To film the strange event,

To interview the little ant
The TV crews were sent.

So it was that night, the TV News,
Struck many people DUMB,

For the world had STOPPED! And all because...

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