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Against Fear In Doing God's Work

by Kingsley Ayistar

When God's stirred us to do a job,
We should not let dismay
Nor allow words of vain men rob
Our zeal along the way.

Our quailing hearts must not forget
How great Jehovah is;
He'll keep us from the Devil's net
And snares greater than this.

Nehemiah's an example -
Doubted he not God's call,
But ventured out with his people
To build Jerus'lem's wall.

When Sanballat against him plann'd,
Confusion to create;
He charged his crew in faith to stand,
"Remember the Lord, great..."

Yea, great and awesome things God did
To help this dauntless man.
Sanballat's men could not succeed-
Theirs was a fruitless plan.

At last the task was done so well,
The rebuilders were awed;
Their foes, nations, could also tell
That this was done by God.

Christians! Children of the Most High,
Pluck courage from this tale:
Bear in your minds that God can't lie,
He will not let you fail!

This poem was a finalist in the July 2013 poetry contest

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