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Inner Beauty

by Kathleen Higham

In your mother's womb
I formed you tenderly
Mesmerizing the science world
Knowing all you will be.

Your beauty stirs a heart
But inside your heart will stir
Child, it is my loving wish
Above all please stay pure.

This is not an easy task
So many will come to you
Your beauty stirs a heart
Be diligent in all you do.

Man was created to love you
And with that comes desire
You must always love me first
Then let me tend the fire.

Beautiful child of mine
Stay pure in your heart
I made you sweet and perfect
Right from the very start.

My heart beats with yours
Inner beauty is in your soul
Never ever relinquish this
It's a woman's ultimate goal.

Your beauty stirs a heart
Of this there is truly no doubt
Your beauty comes from Me
You are lovely inside and out.

Someday I will bring to you
Just wait, believe, be sure
Love will stir your precious heart
When you promise to stay pure.

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