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The Greatest Beautician

by Prathima Tharangini © 2005

"Ask and it shall be given," He said,
So I did just that, knelt down and prayed,
"Lord make me beautiful,
That people may be in awe of me everyday."

Yeah, I asked The Greatest Beautician,
Who covered the earth with its splendor and beauty,
And gave every color its identity,
Who set every feather on every bird,
Yes, the one who made it all so awesome with just a word.

He said its enough-faith as li’l as a seed to move mountains,
But I had more than that, faith that made destinies rewritten,
I believed just a li’l while and I would become so lovely,
Every eye would look at me twice,
And every lip gasp at my breathtaking beauty

Yeah, I believed in the work of this Beautician,
Who makes black and white look so stunning on the night sky,
Who makes a tree look magnificent even when it is dry,
Who fills the air with water and calls it rain,
Yes, He who casts a spell of exquisiteness on everything intricate and plain.

When it was time I looked at myself in dismay,
My reflection was the same as it was that day,
His work had already begun,
How odd, I saw no change and He had said its done,

Yeah, The Beautician opened my blind eyes then
When He whispered in His silent way,
"My thoughts are not your thoughts,
neither are your ways my ways
Has not every word I said come to pass?
You asked and believed and so you have received,
Not beauty that will fade in time
But beauty that lasts for a lifetime,
I removed your vanity so that you know how it has always been,
True beauty is what is felt and not what is seen,
Every tongue will appreciate truly, that, which love and respect induce,
Not envy as you secretly hoped people would feel
when you asked me looks that morals reduce,
Your conceit I have replaced with humility,
Yes, wrapped you in grace to shine even in simplicity,
With kindness I have softened your voice,
So that all ears that find your words hear My wisdom and My solace,
I removed your ugliness from within and filled you with the wonder of the cross,
Reflect My love purely and your beauty will be unmatched in all the world across."

This is my Beautician, the best through all ages,
He works wonders even on forgotten passages,
If you are being molded by His hands let patience prevail,
This is the Greatest Beautician who never will fail.

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