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Gifts Without A Wrap

by DRussell © 2015

If you never open God's Word,
you will never learn it unheard.
God is the power that guides
giving life to those who abide.
Do you know what is in there?
He gave us a letter to share.
Wrapped with a pretty bow, no,
it is more valuable than we know.

Every inn was full and so a stable
held the Hope of Man enabled.
The guiding star blazed high above,
while Angels sang with praise and love.
So humble 'twas, where He was born
in such a place before the morn.

The prophecies of old came true,
each in their time when it was due.
No it was not what they expected
nor from a village they respected.
At the age of twelve taught the law
as they questioned back in awe.

Why did He do this for you and me?
His love paid the price as you can see!
"They know not what they do," said He,
and died for us upon that tree.
Take care, "The Bible", is our gift;
its time to pick up the cover and lift.

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