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'Is God good?;

by John Miles

On Nairobi's over crowded street,
Where poverty and danger meet;
Four young friends in a minibus,
Squashed in tight with noise and fuss.
About God's work - a taxi ride,
Squashed and poor they swallow their pride.

To share the Gospel with Nairobi's youth,
To tell rich and poor the hearfelt truth.
This is their mission, their purpose and joy.
But thoughts disturbed by sudden cry,
Broken down truck had blocked their lane,
Nowhere to go – two young friends slain.

No traffic police to warn or care,
No one to offer a final prayer.
One's brother is dead and he almost,
With broken neck and almost lost.
The two friends are together no more,
Such is the lot of the travelling poor.

Two bothers, the apple of their parent's eye,
O how to break the news and cry
Together with them, and share their woe.
Of the four only one walked away to go
To kneel and cry a fountain of tears;
Assail the heavens with questioning prayers.

Whoever will help the injured brother?
With expensive care - will he ever recover?
Our foreign friends, will they meet the cost?
Will our remaining son be the third one lost?
The church cannot help and we are so poor,
Will God provide and open a door?

Two thousand gather – for sad sad memory,
How could this happen, how could it be?
The Pastor stands with solemn face.
What can he say about God's grace?
Each tear filled eye towards God's man,
How can he say 'This is God's plan?'

He asks the question - 'Is God good?'
Two thousand reply from where they stood,
'Yes, God is good' their cry rang out.
They trust their God and do not doubt.
'All the time?' was his next cry...
'Yes, all the time!' – triumphant reply.

A year gone by with wounds still raw.
Praise God He came and opened that door.
One brother restored, his faith still strong,
This story is an African song.
With sudden death, and life seems cheap;
But their faith in God runs ever deep.

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