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God's Influence

by Jennifer Leigh Bailey

There's one person who truly loves me,
That I've been able to find.
And this person,
He gives me peace of mind.

He cares about me, and has,
For all my life.
Even when I feel like my heart
Is being cut like a knife.

He's been there for me,
No matter what I've done.
He has been there for me
When I felt I didn't have anyone.

He picks me up
Every time I fall.
God always listens
Every time I call.

He doesn't shun me,
Or push me away.
Instead he holds me close
And makes me feel like I can stay.

One day in His presence
Is where I'd like to be,
But while I'm on this earth
He walks beside me.

He watches over me
Whether it is day or night.
God gives me comfort
That things will turn out alright.

No matter what happens
In my life
I know that God will help me
Whether in happiness or strife.

With God, I know,
I cannot run or hide.
Because God knows whats going on with me
In my heart, inside.

He knows me,
Without a doubt.
He knows my life,
inside and out.

God knows what will happen
Before the time does come.
If I seek his guidance
I do not feel so dumb.

But sometimes, to God,
I do not turn,
But that is one lesson.
I am trying to learn.

He knows what will happen
No matter which choice I make,
And when I don't lean on Him,
I may make a huge mistake.

With God's help I am changing
Into someone I want to be,
Because quite honestly
I didn't like the old me.

I pray this time,
I will stay on the right path;
Instead of falling off,
And dealing with my own wrath.

I have fallen off
Many a different time,
But, from what I learned,
That is part of my recovery climb.

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