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The Cross

by Kathleen Higham

My thoughts are deep, heavy
This gift I did not deserve
A lovely woman holds me close
Knowing someday I would serve.

The gift was so exquisite
It was made of garnets and gold
She placed it around my neck
Over a heart so broken, cold.

Remembering the very moment
My fingers touched the cross
Her prayers made me ache
There was just too much loss.

One day the burden lifted
A man spoke God's Word
I held on to the cross
When at last my soul heard.

Tears fell hot and furious
The cross lay in my hand
I gave my pain to the Lord
Just as He had planned.

Not knowing of another
A loved one I held dear
Placed the cross around her neck
Her eyes were filled with fear.

She touched it, maybe coveted it
Until her light grew dim
Her mom gave me back the cross
When she went to heaven with Him.

Holding the cross to my heart
Then tucked away in my drawer
Till a sister in Christ needed it
So out it came once more.

It seemed almost impossible
But God had healed my friend
Now I have the cross again
Where will this story end?

If you have opened up the box
Then you are not alone
The cross, a constant reminder
Has finally found its home.

This poem was a finalist in the November 2009 poetry contest

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