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How to Send a Hug

by Patricia Joan Polhans

My Grandma has always said
That she sends kisses and hugs.
Never told how she mailed them
And that really has me bugged!

For I have not ever seen
How the hugs come straight to me.
I just know that mom had said
They were special delivery!

When Grandma sent a package
I saw no hugs falling out.
Maybe they were hiding and
I just never dumped them out.

Then it got me to thinking
How could I mail my hug?
Grandma knows how to do it
So she must've worked out all the bugs.

God,how could I mail her one?
Oh, this I just have not tried.
For I cannot wrap it up
Even though it's a surprise!

I can't place it in an envelope
Or send it on a floating ship.
I just know that it comes with
A soft, tender loving kiss.

How could I package this hug?
It would sure be awfully nice
To wrap it with loving care
And give it to Grandma tonight.

I have tried 'bout everything
From cars to trucks and semis
But no matter how big they are
They're not built for hugs this size.

Momma always said that it
Had been laced with tenderness
I guess it's tied with shoelaces
But packaging, I somehow missed.

I don't know when her hug came
It must've been while asleep at night
Maybe it was sent while I
Dozed off in bed that night!

I have tried to fold one up
But that doesn't help the confusion
Don't know if it can be seen
It may be just an illusion.

I just wished that someone
Had given me some instructions.
Then I would know how to send
Hugs filled with lots of affection.

Please tell me how to send a hug
For I surely, just don't know
But, God, you'd better hurry up
'Cause my hug is beginning to grow.

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