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Blow a Kiss

by Patricia Joan Polhans

When we'd go visit Grandma
It was always such a joy
For I was special to Grandma
I was her favorite little boy.

Each time we'd leave her house
She'd blow me a tender kiss.
I'd catch it in my hand
So it would never fall amiss.

I'd press my hand to my cheek
So it would stay right there.
'Twas my special kiss from Grandma
That we used to always share.

Now Grandma's gone to heaven
And I miss her so very much.
I remember her tender kisses
And her gentle, loving touch.

Grandma left a few years ago
I'd like to blow her a kiss
But she moved way up in heaven
So if I blew one I think I'd miss.

Maybe if I pray a special prayer
Ask God to catch the kiss for me.
Then he'd take it up to heaven
And place it on Grandma's cheek.

I may have to blow and blow
For heaven is a long way up.
But if I blow and aim real hard
It might land in God's coffee cup.

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