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by Patricia Joan Polhans

August was my Birthday.
It came and it had passed.
Just another ordinary day
Just like all of the rest!

Loneliness filled the air
As I sat quietly in my rocking chair.
Only the sounds of chirping robins
I wondered if they even care.

Pools of water filled my eyes.
I had, yet, to be remembered!
Empty walls, vacant steps,
Where no one seemed to enter.

The darkness overwhelmed me
As I sat so quietly alone.
No voices of someone singing
Or whistling in my empty home.

Then I heard the soft patting
Of footsteps outside my window sill
They grew closer and closer
And my heart beat louder still.

Could I even dare to think
Someone would remember me
For I'd grown so very feeble
It seemed no one had need of me.

But a peace overwhelmed me
Within my darkened room
A light grew brighter and brighter
Sitting here in my dark tomb.

Then I beheld a glorious light
Too wonderful to behold
That showed upon my porch,
Invited him into my home.

He sat down upon my couch,
Eyes now filled with wonder
I beheld the loving face
Of my blessed, holy Savior.

Child you were not forgotten
When I bowed my head to die.
On the cross I remembered you
When my own eyes began to cry.

I have bestowed upon you
The gift of eternal life
Now let me wipe away your tears
Eyes now beheld the "Son of Light."

Please contact Patricia Joan Polhans at "[email protected]" to request permission to use this poem.