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New Beginnings

by Belinda van Rensburg

Another year has come to an end;
A new one's awaiting around the bend -
It's time to recall memories painful or dear;
Some now quite faded; some crystal clear.

How did we fare – did we stay at our posts;
Was knowing the Father our only boast;
Did we see hardships as stepping-stones
Or did we face trials with pitiful groans?

How did we fare – can we honestly say
We did God's will for us every day?
When we were weak did we kneel down and ask
God for strength to complete ev'ry task?

How did we fare when trying times came;
Did we call on our Father in Jesus' name;
Did we fully rely on God for protection;
Did we trust Him; follow His direction?

How did we love our neighbors and brothers;
Did we live for ourselves or consider others;
Did we live lives free of self-love and greed?
- These are hard questions to answer indeed.

After everything's been said and done
We'll find we have all fallen short some,
Yet we needn't feel hopeless or fret
Or waste valuable time on useless regret.

Our God is a God of new beginnings;
Able to change failings into winnings.
We should repent and declare anew
God's will is what we desire to do.

Let us resolve that the coming year
Will be the year that we'll persevere;
Not growing tired of doing good,
But to live and love as God's children should.

This poem was a finalist in the December 2009 poetry contest

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