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My Christmas Wish

by Kathleen Higham

Oh how I long to see them
Remembering family joyfully near
Singing songs, then rejoicing
With loved ones I held dear.

Now this lonely heart is heavy
Wishing for those times I knew
But the days no longer hold me
For our gatherings are through.

All have left this life behind
The festivities of the past
A silent tear, a blinking tree
I thought forever it would last.

This morning as I prayed to God
With a sorrow holding me tight
But faithful, God is faithful
He brought to me this sight.

Bells were ringing merrily
Laughter was the sweetest sound
The Lord hugged and kissed them
My loved ones He gathered round.

Their faces shining all aglow
Everyone I loved was there
Waiting patiently at His feet
To bow their heads in prayer.

The celebration was glorious
Their light shined down on me
My family living in Heaven
Thank God He let me see.

Someday I will join them
And begin my life anew
To celebrate the birth of Christ
My Christmas wish came true.

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