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The Knee Will Bow

by Robert Hedrick

There is coming a time when the knee will bow,
As the tongue confesses, Jesus I know You now.
Then His reply being depart for I know you not,
It was Satan you served and it's him you've got.

I tried your heart and you would not let Me in,
You were preoccupied with Satan's worldly sin.
Thinking I'm busy now perhaps some other day,
Not knowing that your time had almost slipped away.

If this seems cruel and unfair to you, it's not at all,
God lets us make the decisions on whom we can call.
With Satan an eternity in hell will be the choice,
If Jesus it's into heaven at the sound of His voice.

Then be saved now for tomorrow might not come,
Bend the knee and confess Jesus with your tongue.
Your name will be in the book of life as you go in,
To an eternity in heaven never to face Satan again.

This poem was a finalist in the January 2010 poetry contest

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