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Make His name known

by Natalie Sommerville

Share the word of the Lord
The vicar said one day
Stand up and tell each other
What He does for us each day

The congregation looked around
All seemed too shy and meek
Some dipped their heads and others prayed
For someone else to speak

Then a little girl stood on her pew
And turned to face the crowd
Upon her face the sweetest smile
Her voice so clear and loud

I know Jesus she proudly said
He's my friend you see
He was sent by his Father, God
To die for you and me

I have a book of his stories
I read it every night
He helped the poor, the weak and ill
Took wrong and made it right

He had many friends who helped Him
Everyone loved Him so
He made the world a better place
All this I'm sure you know

But one day a friend betrayed Him
Then our Lord died on a cross
Those who loved Him dearly
Grieved for their dear loss

Then He rose right back to life
He showed us death can't win
God sent Him here just for us
To die for all our sin

I just love to talk about Him
I tell everyone I meet
About the man named Jesus
Who faced death but did defeat

I thank Him daily for what He did
Said this little girl of seven
I cannot wait to hug him tight
When I meet with Him in heaven

The church sat amazed at what they heard
At how a child so small
Could share the name of Jesus
So proudly said to all

If this child so young could tell them
Of this great story that she knew
Today would be the day that they,
Would share that same word too.

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