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-THe Fallen King's Delicacies- Satan's Table of Deception

by Bryan Miles

Tender, roasted meat
On a golden tray
The fixings of a king,
headed your way

Mounds of potatoes,
Smothered in gravy
Bottles of wine,
From the king's royal navy;

Freshly steamed vegetables,
Warm, crispy bread;
The king wears the crown!
You can wear it instead!

Cherry-topped cheesecake,
Apple-filled tart,
Royally spread,
To entice every heart;

Unfulfilled promises,
Made to each man
It all looks so good!
Very few understand!

Very few understand
The ways of deceit,
Table spread for a king
So full and complete;

Everything you want
Take anything you need,
He sits back on his throne
And watches you feed;

Yes, the king's royal table
Is a festive-filled feast,
Man's every longing
Served by the beast;

It all looks so harmless
So noble, so true;
The king's royal delicacies
Spread out, just for you!

So, don't be deceived;
Yes, it's good to the taste!
But, sooner or later;
You're chomping on waste!

You're chomping on waste,
Sitting at the king's feet;
Beware who you follow!
Beware what you eat...

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