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The Heart Part

by Kathleen Higham

I shudder at my sin
For I have come to know
God feels every moment
Oh, I wish it wasn't so.

My heart aches, then cries
In the shame of it all
Thinking that it was private
But, my God felt me fall.

His heart touched my heart
When I invited Him in
Not knowing the consequence
His Holiness next to my sin.

I shudder at my sin
At times reeling in despair
Imagining His sorrow, when
The evil part, I share.

No longer my dark secret
A broken heart now healed
My God, my God so merciful
When carnality is revealed.

This miracle transformation
It jolts me with a start
He lives there so lovingly
Inside my devious heart.

My heart part, His heart part
Feel the warmth deep within
He will never leave, because
I shudder at my sin.

Psalm 38:18
"I confess my iniquity; I am troubled by my sin."

This poem was a finalist in the February 2010 poetry contest

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