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Joshua--Part 2--The Salvation of Rahab

by George Cuff

Joshua secretly sent some spies to check out Jericho.
They decided the house of Rahab was the place to go.
Someone saw them; told the king, "The spies are at Rahab's place."
But Rahab hid them on the roof in order to keep them safe.

Somehow Rahab knew the truth, decided to give a hand.
She was convinced that God had given Israel all this land.
When the king's servants first arrived to check out her abode,
She told them her guests had already left and headed down the road.

The king's servants searched the roads to bring them back to town,
But up on the roof and under the straw the spies were laying down.
Rahab told them all of Canaan was living in terror and fear.
"We've been worried a very long time and now we see you're here."

"We have heard how you crossed the Sea walking on dry land.
And how the pursuing army was destroyed at God's command.
Across the river in those battles, your armies destroyed the kings.
Our people have no courage left. We know we've lost everything."

Rahab asked for a special sign that her family would be spared.
"We will spare you," said the men, "if you're properly prepared."
So Rahab hung the scarlet cord in her window that day.
That was the sign to Israel that they were above the fray.

The scarlet cord of redemption is found throughout the Word.
It isn't by coincidence that this theme occurred;
For when we finally apprehend we're captive to sin's flood,
We understand the scarlet ribbon pointed to Jesus' blood.

So here we see the love of God freely given to all
Rahab was a Gentile, yet she clearly heard the call.
Perhaps you thought only the Jew was favored all the time:
Remember both David and our Lord came from Rahab's line.

The scarlet cord of redemption is our hope today.
By faith we're loosed from Satan's grip and come to God to stay.
Salvation is given to all who ask, no matter the depth of sin,
For the blood of Jesus Christ our Lord transforms us from within

This poem was a finalist in the February 2010 poetry contest

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