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Satan's Shop'n

by Rob Dilworth © 2016

Satan’s giddy,
Oh so witty;
Shopping with a lust.
Evil buyer,
Hell’s desire;
Will his cart combust?

Wheels are rolling.
Satan’s strolling,
Searching for a soul.
Cruising aisles
Wielding wiles,
Betting we won’t know.

Pride enlisted,
Truth is twisted;
Luring souls to snare.
Craving hunger
For the younger,
Clearing aisles bare.

Makes us jealous
Of the zealous;
Cuts us down in size.
Keeps us fearful
With an earful;
Finely crafted lies.

Twisting, weaving,
Souls deceiving;
Cooking up his brew.
Finest hour,
Full of power;
Tragic, if we knew.

Satan chuckles,
Cracking knuckles;
Whipping up his schemes.
Satan’s lying,
Someone’s buying
Good with evil themes.

Wants us pressing
For the blessing
Offered as a gift.
Keeps us earning
With a yearning,
Setting hearts adrift.

Looking, lusting
We’re not trusting;
So we’re falling fast.
Glaring brightly,
Holding tightly;
Failures from our past.

Sly and clever,
Give up? Never!
He won’t ever stop.
Not complaining,
He’s remaining;
Shopping ‘til we drop.

Satan’s hiss'n,
Will we listen?
Will we play our part?
Will we blindly,
Oh so kindly,
Hop into his cart?

This poem was a finalist in the November 2016 poetry contest

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This Christian poem may be used within Christian ministries for any non-profit purpose without requesting permission.
Please remember to mention the author of this poem when using.