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by Melinda Young © 2005

I once approached an occupied cross
To which amazed my soul.
This man mounted with agony by choice
But redemption for me, His goal.

To be released from His directed state
Took a simple request on my part.
I must explain to this man, God's son
How I desired Him in my heart.

Yet, to make room in my filthy soul
In order for Him to enter,
I must sacrifice my very self
To the cross on which He surrendered.

My pride fought the option given,
But His offer I couldn't resist.
Either two lives would end up wasted
Or one could give the other forgiveness.

I could fall into addictive sin
And suffer by invited pain
Or live a life of purity, love, and faith
And be blessed with everything to gain.

I believed the promises of the One
Who wanted to prove to me
How very much He loved
By giving His life for me.

My heart has room for good or evil;
It has to be filled with one...

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