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Broken Promises

by Robert Hedrick

My child as you go into adulthood you will find advice comes cheap,
Yet I offer this, never make a promise that's questionable you'll keep.
The world can only rely upon your word while God knows your heart,
Therefore anyone who would try to fool Him is far from being smart.

So child never make a promise when it's doubtful you will fulfill it,
For a broken promise may bring damage that even time won't heal it.
The intentions were honorable, yet the end results tell a different tale,
As another broken promise joins that well worn, broken promise trail.

Then child beware, for there could be broken promises ahead for you,
With my prayers being, there are no major ones and in all, only a few.
Perhaps you'll just experience those politicians have made and break,
As they try to win your confidence and vote, in the decision you make.

Now child there are promises never to be broken, on this you can rely,
Not just a few, but thousands which come to us from a Source on high.
They can be found in the bible and are made by God unto all mankind,
And child, of promises you encounter, thsese are the purest you'll find.

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