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The Least of These

by Deborah Smith Plemmons © 2016

The King in all His glory,
Has a place for His sheep.
He has prepared us a kingdom;
Those who His commandments keep.

When I, the King, was hungry,
You gave Me food to eat.
When I was oh so thirsty,
My need of drink you did meet.

When I was but a stranger,
You gave Me a place to stay.
When I came to you naked,
You clothed Me well that day.

When I was on My sick bed,
You dropped by and visited Me.
When I was in a prison cell,
You came by faithfully.

The righteous will then ask,
When did we these to the King?
He will answer in all His love
About this very thing.

When you have done all this
To one of the least of these,
You have done it unto Me;
For this, you did Me please.

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