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by Jared Lafitte

two paths wind in the heart
in the forest of man and God
and beyond the foliage I start
again on the path I have trod

my heart, the land does harrow
though my soul cannot wait
for upon the art of the straight and narrow
the Artist, I anticipate

My Lord, exalted, wills to, my soul, bequeath
the substance of immaculate desire
for the will of man is dissolved beneath
the mighty refinement of His fire

so I bear the journey in ardor
though in the task, my countenance is unshaken
for though I walk even in the footsteps of the martyr
there is no fear in me, for I am unforsaken

No fear, no fear has captured me!
love absolves me from His wrath
for by Eternal Grace He raptured me
and set me upon His path

The other path is near and dark
it winds unsurely in lavish form
and upon it, countless souls choose to embark
for it seems to redeem those who deem it the norm

the paths run closely, but do not cross
they weave through a hopeless river through an ominous ridge
and man cannot conquer the waters in His dross
though Christ extends His love through His bridge

Upon man's renewal, his will is folly, and tepid
for Christ is novelty to him in man's defense
but sanctification reforms the will to become intrepid!
and the spark grows into a furnace, vivid and intense

in sanctification's work, the path grows weary
but the vicious tenacity toward His embrace
grows impenetrably stronger, even as our eyes are dreary
for we do not need them to see His face

man's path and God's path grow estranged
for Sanctity bids us apart
from man, and unto Him to be changed
and refined at His doctrine's heart

Salvation it is!, Salvation we hold!
our will is His to mend
and sanctification consumes us in humility to mold
our entire heart, soul and mind for to glory ascend!

at the paths' end, the world, does man's assuredness rattle
that which he claims so dearly unravels to fail
and Christ's children still stand unshakable in conviction beyond battle
for His very centrality in us is to prevail!

as life is no more, our Lord is victorious and supreme!
and soothes our steps through each turn and bend
and our love grow in Him to redeem!
as conviction draws our will to the narrow path's end!

This poem won 1st place for the June 2006 poetry contest

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