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Wake up

by Oddmannout

Children of God wake up! It's time to fight!
The Son has risen, there's no more night.
So stop hiding in the dark like you have something to be ashamed of;
Go forth boldly, in faith. Teach this world about God's love.

It's time we put our shoulder to the plow, not just money in a plate.
Time we picked up our swords and stormed the enemy's gate.
Because there are prisoners there who can't find their way,
Even though the battle is won and their ransom is paid.

WAKE UP! For the deceiver is working hard in your life and in mine
and his greatest lie
is that we have more time
but while you were listening to this another sinner died!

But you're tired and comfortable, go ahead, sleep.
Don't listen to their husbands and wives and children weep.
Don't let their screams from hell keep you awake.
Don't dream about the God you chose to forsake.

This poem was a finalist in the November 2011 poetry contest

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