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by Jeff Phipps

The skies grow dark as storms rush in.
My soul is dragged down by the weight of my sin.
The demons are with me all day and all night.
Then I hear Him whisper, "I am the way, the truth, the life."

My mind is held hostage, shackled with chains.
It all seems so heavy; the guilt, the shame, the pain.
How could He love me with all that I've done?
Then I hear Him whisper, "You're why I sent my Son."

I want to know Him but my sin is so great.
How could He forgive so much pride, anger and hate?
I feel so unworthy. I can't show my face.
Then I hear Him whisper, "You're saved by My grace."

Slowly my burdens begin to lift.
I'll never understand such a wonderful gift.
Day by day He's making me whole.
Then I whisper back, "Thank you God for saving my soul."

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