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by Robert Hedrick

You say you're trusting God and certainly this is good,
Then again, are you trusting Him as much as you should?
You seek His help in big problems, how about the small,
Don't give Him a few when He is able to take them all.

There were those you thought would work out on their own,
However in time, instead of gone, they have actually grown.
God would have taken them and helped you to work it out,
He has the means to do this with that we never think about.

As pride kicks in, we may not admit that help is needed,
Then when our eyes are opened, we've almost been defeated.
As this happens, we can be sure that Satan's doing his best,
In putting every bit of faith we have to the greatest test.

There is no problem without a solution, when in God's care,
By leaving them there, we can stay away from Satan's snare.
God is unlimited, fully able to take your problems and mine,
No doubt, He's seen all of them since the beginning of time.

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