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Everlasting Savior

by Laci Londrie

Take me by the hand,
Draw me close to you.
Before it gets too late,
Help me find myself in you.

You're the almighty God,
Lord of Heaven and of Earth.
You take the place of sorrow,
Your presence defeats the hurt.

Though I still harbor hatred,
Though I still carry pain.
Though I might not be perfect,
I still trust in your name.

I have asked a thousand times,
In a thousand different ways.
That when my world is shaking,
You walk me through it day by day.

You're the Alpha, the Omega,
The Beginning and the End.
You're the best that could happen,
You're my most cherished friend.

I might not always do what's right,
Or always speak the truth.
By with my eyes I have seen,
The kind of healing you can do.

When the tears stream down my face,
I'm calling out your blessed name.
Come sweep me off my feet my Lord,
Come deliver me from pain.

When the world kicks me out,
When there's no one left to run to.
When there's no one to comfort me,
I know I can count on you.

Your love is undeniable,
Unconditional is your mercy.
I'll allow to consume me,
For I know you'll never hurt me.

When I need to breath,
You're the air that fills my lungs.
When my bones are dry and brittle,
You soak them in your love.

Today is the day,
And tonight is the night,
When I hand it all to you,
And attempt to set it right.

I'll say time and time again,
You're my everlasting savior.
So from now on Jesus,
I will watch my behavior.

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