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Thoughts and Words

by Robert Hedrick

Now while you are thinking, think about your last train of thought,
Was it pure and clean, or perhaps something that Satan brought.
Then if this thought became words that were coming from you,
Would you at all, be concerned of just who they were spoken to.

Perhaps they are words that you wouldn't have your preacher hear,
Some that indeed you would never use in knowing that he was near.
The very same words that you would not have your children say,
Then to hear them used, they'd have some kind of penalty to pay.

Knowing that these are not the words of your daily vocabulary,
It's just that at times, Satan slips in with some of his vulgarity.
They are words you don't intend to say, they just seem to spill out,
Leaving you with regrets and others with hard feelings, no doubt.

Satan's the prince and power of the air and he'll tempt you each day,
But if you belong to Jesus, His power is far greater in every way.
So whenever Satan tries to enter your thoughts, before he gets in,
Remember the power that's living within you, will conquer his sin.

This poem was a finalist in the May 2010 poetry contest

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