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-The Robe of Righteousness- Jesus

by Bryan Miles

A polar bear on a clean white sheet
Sliding on the snow
Was heading towards a campfire
With a band aid on his toe
His long white fluffy woolen hat
Was blowing in the breeze
It's usually the Arctic winds
That brings us to our knees

A pure white cow from Kansas
Was chewing on some cud
Got splattered by a milk truck
And a raining puddle of mud
Considered now a spotted cow
The milkman had to leave
Only one thing washes the mud away
To all those who believe

You can cover your toe with a band aid
As you're heading towards the fire
But unless you turn to Jesus
The flames keep getting higher
Better watch the cud you're chewing on
If it isn't in God's word
You'll display the spots you're covered in
As the milk begins to curd

A very frozen snowman
Stood proudly on a hill
Until the sun began to rise
And took away the chill
Now sitting on the grassy ledge
Are a carrot and pieces of coal
Melted is the broken man
With a very frozen soul

A tender rose as white as snow
Spread its petals towards the sun
A gentle dove filled with love
Picked its thorns off one by one
If you want a robe of righteousness
Don't depend on what you do
Only the blood of Jesus
Can see a blind man through

Only the blood of Jesus
Can wash away your sin
The robe you wear will rip and tear
Your righteousness is thin
As thin as the skin that covers you
Protecting all your bones
No man alive, no matter the drive
Can cast the very first stones

Take counsel from the polar bear
The snowman, cow and rose
Nothing is quite white enough
Until it sheds its clothes
Putting on the robe of righteousness
Even in the midst of crud
Will wash away the unrighteous man
When it's washed in Jesus' blood...

This poem won 1st place for the June 2010 poetry contest

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