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Hide That Pride

by Robert Hedrick

As stubborn pride sets in, admitting we are wrong gets tough to say,
Pointing fingers at others and allowing the blame to go their way.
Deep down knowing we were wrong, while pride controls our heart,
When one lie has to be told to cover another, now that's not smart.

Anyone can be wrong and at times we are, thats the way life goes,
To anyone who might say they never are, remember Pinocchio's nose.
Pride will attempt to cover up the truth and sweep it under the mat,
Then as the truth's known, it may hurt feelings or worse than that.

Pride can poison a marriage, no matter how well bonded it has been,
As one party's falsely accused of being wrong time and time again.
The accuser knows they are wrong in not sharing part of the blame,
However, there's a reason they want and foolish pride is it's name.

Godly relationships can be damaged when the head of pride raises up,
In attempting to handle things on our own, then life becomes corrupt.
If we'll swallow that pride, then we will begin to see the True Light,
Then by putting God in the center of life, our future becomes bright.

This poem was a finalist in the June 2010 poetry contest

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