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Restraining My Complaining

by Robert Hedrick

Lord I've been sitting here thinking and searching my brain,
About those times I have opened my mouth today to complain.
Though I can't recall them all, You'll link them to my name,
A few sounding familiar, for yesterday, some were the same.

One complaint I remember was about the weather being hot,
Not pausing to thank You for that air conditioner we've got.
Later complaining about some food put on my dinner plate,
Then before eating, thank You for the food that I appreciate.

Lord, as I was thinking, my mind gave this train of thought,
Why do I complain with all the blessings You have brought?
Chances are I allow the world to influence my complaining,
No matter what the source, it's up to me to do the restraining.

Final thought, child of God what is there to complain about?
For every need you've ever had, The Lord has bailed you out.
When there's a problem, He gives the solution you search for,
Then I believe He'd have me go my way to complain no more.

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