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Creation Recreation

by Chris Tanton © 2018

Come and see who’s moved into the neighbourhood,
To take back mankind sanctified by blood,
He’ll seek, search and find lost and injured love,
Tearing down the divide between the bad and good.

A carpenter more willing to pierce His heart then heads,
Taking tent pegs through His arms in the land of Shem,
So that Japheth may dwell among his brother again.

He’s not throwing us to Jael because we sleep in sin,
Instead inhaling our transgressions in the skin we’re in.
Pneuma-rous breathes draw people up as kith and kin,
Bringing new life to bloom, transforms our hearts of tin.

Surpassing natural labour as the source of life,
A spear hole in the side brings forth mankind a wife,
Our true Helper, the Spirit, intends Zoe to win,
As God’s righteousness covers up the guilt we’re in.

Just as day follows night in re-creations plan,
Anastasis while it’s dark declares the week began.
Fresh light awakes entombed in promised garden-lands,
Yeshua reaches out to Many with scarred, immortal hands.

Male and Female disciples multiply, bear fruit,
Because our Gardener watches over us, He is our root,
And the Eve of new creation rises with the Son,
Seated with the Father, our salvation won.

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This Christian poem may be used within Christian ministries for any non-profit purpose without requesting permission.
Please remember to mention the author of this poem when using.