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Walking With God

by Howard Tarant

In the deepest mist, we walk along
Hand in hand, we sing our song

We talk to God so graciously
Of how His Son has set us free

The days go by, we're full of grace
And God presents us with a new face

They look so lonely, scared and sad
It hurts to see them so angry and mad

We share a little bit day after day
And they want to hear more of what we have to say

As time goes by you can see them grin
Now they have Jesus and want to win

The hate they once had is no longer there
Satan says guys, this isn't fair

I've had and controlled you for so many years
Held onto your anger and all of your fears

Now that you have your God, how long will it be?
Before you fall short and come back to me

I'll always be with you encouraging sin
For without your God I will always win

Stop it right now Satan, your such a liar
When this is all over, you'll burn in that fire

I sent you away from my Kingdom up here
You began with the apple, that gave mankind fear

Don't you forget, that I was here first
I am the greatest and you are the worst

You tempt my people, day in and day out
If it's a fight you want, I'll give you a bout

Your time has come to be put away
My Son is coming , and He'll be here to stay

For all who believe in My Son and I
Shall never perish, no never die

You can see the change , just look on their face
They've accepted my Son, now they have my grace

Just days ago, they were lost and so sad
Now they are happy, so free and so glad

I led them to people who worship My Name
Who live free from bondage and live with no shame

Now there are four, walking hand in hand
They all have My Son, isn't it grand

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